PM Real Estate Management is committed solely to the “client” and the client’s needs. We direct our efforts to the procurement of a limited number of new clients and the continued and expanded business base of our existing clientele.

Our management and accounting services are designed to adapt to your reporting needs and to ensure timely and accurate response to you and the tenants with whom we serve.

PM Real Estate Management will continue to offer secure employment to the brightest people in the industry and reinforce that talent with management support and structured training. The end result will be a highly skilled team of professionals dedicated to the success of your project.

Our strongest asset is our people.  We have retained a seasoned and experienced group of property management professionals and accountants, and we will use their unique talent to manage this asset.  I will also personally be involved in the day to day management of each property, and will ensure excellence in our operations, as well as our transparent reporting capabilities.

We will commit to carrying forth the ownership’s specific goals and objectives while we facilitate the tasks that cater directly to the tenants; by delivering proactive, responsive, and service-oriented property management functions; with the bottom line goal of improving the overall return to the project’s investors.

Among other value-generating attributes, we believe our hand-picked management team, comprised of local and nationally staffed commercial real estate professionals, including Dale Stark, General Manager, Robert Gottsch, CPA, and Chuck Hawley, Director of Asset Management, is ideally suited to manage this property on your behalf.

We hereby commit to carrying forth your specific goals and objectives for the property while we facilitate tasks that cater directly to the project’s tenants; by delivering proactive, responsive and service-oriented property management, with a bottom line goal of improving your overall return on investment.

A property manager and asset manager will be personally involved in the day to day management of this property, and will ensure excellence in our operations, as well as the delivery of our transparent accounting and reporting capabilities.  Speaking of which, PMRE accounting and reporting platform is second to none.  It meets and exceeds the level of reporting utilized by national public companies and commercial real estate firms.


Our game plan is straightforward:

  • Evaluate the existing management and leasing concerns and in turn, provide solutions to increase the overall performance and value of the building.
  • Provide an experienced management staff which is supported by PM Real Estate Management’s senior management and operations personnel.
  • Implement a fast track review of all operating expenses and develop a budget plan to reduce any unnecessary costs and to make recommendations for potential services to be added where needed.