Lease Agreement Contract Document and Pencil Bottom Left CornerLease Administration

Lease administration is a fundamental service of property management, and one that PM Management Inc does well. Keeping properties rented and vacancies low is essential to maintaining and improving cash flow and profit.

Leasing properties may include:

  • Leasing newly built or newly rehabbed space
  • Lease Expansions of existing tenants
  • Lease Renewing
  • Lease Re-negotiating
  • Vetting appropriate tenants and market analysis

Our system of leasing ensures that you and the tenant meet all city, state and federal regulations, fulfill tax reporting requirements, keep leasing terms up to date with each tenant, and maintain the financial health of your asset.

Leasing space involves knowing the local market and marketing to the right targets to fill the space with an appropriate tenant. Tenants with businesses that can thrive in the correct location will be tenants for the long-term.